Tongues out. Lights out.

👋 Say goodbye to ineffective gummies and habit-forming pills

🛌 Get a full night's sleep in just minutes

☀️ Wake up fresh, without the morning fog

Created using our patented In a Strip™ technology.

Why Sleep In a Strip?

Each strip packed with:

Melatonin | 5mg

Naturally produced by your body in the pineal gland, Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps your circadian rhythms function properly.† 

Valerian Root | 25mg

Valerian Root Extract, commonly referred to as "nature's valium" is known to promote relaxation and helping get your body and mind ready for sleep.†

Vitamin B6 | 5mg

Vitamin B6 is known to play a key role in regulating and producing neurotransmitters that regulate emotions and other body functions associated with wellbeing.†

We are grateful for your love ❤️

"Knocked me out in 15 mins flat."

— Son H (TX)

verified review

"Fell asleep in 8 minutes and slept like a baby."

— Amanda M (TX)

verified review

"These work really well for me. Better than just taking a melatonin supplement."

— Samira K (NY)

verified review

"Works better than my sleep gummies."

— Karine S (CA)

verified review

"I wasn't sure about this strip concept but the product works super well."

— Walt D (MA)

verified review

"I have been having trouble sleeping for awhile now but these strips help a lot."

— Mona C (KY)

verified review

A breakthrough in nutrition technology.

Each stamp-sized NuStrip is created using our patented In a Strip™ technology and supercharged with a precise dose of active ingredients to help you sleep quickly and fully.

 5x Faster — Absorption via the tongue (buccal absorption) is known to be upto 5x faster than pills or gummies.

🧬 10x Efficient  Each dose consumes 1/10th the space of comparable sleep supplements.

🌱 100% Clean  We use only natural flavors and science-backed, vegan ingredients. No sugar. No hocus pocus. No BS.

All NuStrips products are compliant with US FDA, WHO-GMP and Health Canada safety standards. 

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