A revolution in a strip

NuStrips are delicious, easy-to-use vitamins that dissolve right on your tongue.

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Delicious and

Created using our patented In a Strip™ technology, each individual NuStrip packs the same vitamins as 2-3 pills or gummies.

Not only that, NuStrips are also more quickly and easily absorbed by the body.

High Quality

NuStrips products are US FDA compliant,  WHO-GMP certified and Health Canada certified.

We use the highest quality, science-backed, GMO-free ingredients.

100% Planet

All NuStrips products and packaging are 100% sustainable and fully recyclable. NuStrips also have 1/5th the CO2 footprint of comparable vitamin products.

Super sustainable, super easy, super you.

A smarter way to take your vitamins

NuStrips revolutionize the way you take your vitamins. These easy-to-use, stamp-sized strips are created using our patented In a Strip™ technology, using the highest quality, science-backed ingredients.

To take a NuStrip, just drop it on your tongue and let it dissolve in seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid absorption
  • Enhanced bioavailability


High Quality Ingredients



Enhanced Bioavailability

About NuStrips

Beauty in a strip

Your new beauty hack.

Give your hair, skin, and nails a luscious upgrade.

Packed with Biotin, enriching Vitamin E and Folic Acid. Accompanied by the zesty taste of Kaffir Lime.

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Immunity in a strip

Your new coat of armor.

Power up your immune system every day with Echinacea, powerful Propolis, Zinc and Vitamin D.

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Multi in a strip

Your new do-it-all vitamin.

Get the easiest everyday multivitamin while enjoying a delicious passionfruit flavor.

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Energy in a strip

Your new espresso.

Get a quick and clean dose of caffeine, without the jitters.

A refreshing natural mint flavor, combined with Caffeine, Vitamin B12 and L-Theanine.

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Sleep in a strip

Your new lullaby.

Skip ahead to counting sheep ASAP.

Melatonin, calming Valerian Root and Vitamin B6, with a blissful taste of basil and lemongrass. 

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Wherever, whenever

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