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Energy In a Strip is created using our patented In a Strip™ technology and designed to give you:

A fast clean boost. Whenever, wherever.

Each Strip Packed With:

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A breakthrough in nutrition technology.

All NuStrips products are compliant with US FDA, WHO-GMP and Health Canada safety standards.

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NuStrips Family Bundle

All FIVE Packs of 30 NuStrips each:

Energy In a Strip

💤 Sleep In a Strip

💄 Beauty In a Strip

🥬 Multi In a Strip

🛡️ Immunity In a Strip

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Energy In a Strip™

Your new energy shot.

$29 $36 for 30 energy boosts

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Sleep In a Strip™

Your new lullaby.

$29 $36 for 30 nights of zzz

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Multi In a Strip™

The easiest everyday multivitamin.

$19 $29 for a month's supply

Beauty In a Strip™

Your new beauty hack.

$19 $29 for a month's supply

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Immunity In a Strip™

Your new coat of armour.

$19 $29 for a moth's supply