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Tired of feeling lazy?

I was too, but these energy strips have been life-changing for me.

Here are five reasons why you’ll love them too!

by Allegra P. (Certified Nutrition Coach)

Woman smiling while holding a small box of NuStrips Energy product near her eye.

1. It’s the fastest energy boost on Earth

Chances are if you’re reading this, you like coffee. Me too, but there are times when you just need energy. FAST. Without the coffee
run. Without the jitters. Without murdering
my stomach.

That’s why I love these new Energy strips: just peel open, place the strip on your tongue and feel energy in seconds!


2. It gives you 100% natural and jitter-free energy

Each little strip is packed for more caffeine than an espresso,

natural L-theanine and vegan vitamin B12 to give you stable energy for hours — without the hitters or crash.

You’ve never experienced energy and focus like this before. This is not just caffeine — it’s a whole new feeling.

100% Safe

US FDA registered

WHO-GMP certified


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Joyful woman holding an energy strip with labeled ingredients and benefits.

3. It contains zero calories* and zero sugar

Unlike energy drinks and coffee, there is zero added sugar and zero bloat with NuStrips™ Energy. No fillers. No artificial colors. No BS.

Be at your fast and productive best, not bloated and blobby.


4. It costs less than $1 per boost

Each strips gives you a lean, clean boost for 4–6 hours. They’re super affordable and come in portable packs of 30. I take two strips a day, and you can even slide a couple of “backup strips” between the back of your phone and case.

Compared to $5 lattes and $3 unhealthy energy drinks, these are an absolute steal.


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Car keys, wallet, and a box of Nicorette gum on a black marble surface.

5. More than 90% of people say it works from the first go

In a recent independent survey, more than 90% of people reported reduced consumption of coffee and energy drinks after they switched to NuStrips™ Energy.

You’ll never run out of energy again. Just drop it on your tongue, let it dissolve and go get it done!


Verified reviews

Night shift savior

Just one strip keeps me awake my entire night shift!

Anna R.

(Registered Nurse, OH)

Amazing natural boost

The best part is you DO NOT get jitters! You just HAVE ENERGY to do whatever you need to do!

Carmel L.

(Verified review, TX)

No jitters or crash

It gives me that edge to get through the end of the day slump. I don’t feel jittery, there is no crash, just a feeling of focus!

David A.

Verified buyer, MA

I was so skeptical

I was really skeptical about these strips... but they REALLY work! Gives me mental alterness and energy without the jitters.

Karina K.

(Registered Nurse, IN)

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