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Top 3 wellness concerns,
and how to address them

20 October 2021

What is the main concern people face with their wellness? Low energy? Trouble sleeping? Just generally not feeling good in their bodies? If you struggle with any of these, here are 3 insanely easy ways to put an end to your worries and start feeling good again!

How to feel better daily?

There is nothing better than feeling energized and up to your game! Unfortunately, according to different studies, up to 45% of the adults in the US complain fatigue and lack of energy. Lifestyle factors of tiredness may include exertion and lack of physical activity. Fatigue can be related to stress or feeling bored and of course irregular and insufficient sleep.

"Call it yoga, me-time or meditation - just treat it as brushing your teeth: a daily habit."


Contrary to common belief, starting a heavy workout routine, hardcore diet or stocking up on sugary energy drinks might not get you closer to feeling more energized. But this very simple and effective lifestyle improver is worth trying as many people say it works wonders: start every morning with only a few minutes of stretching and breathing. Call it yoga, me-time or meditation - just treat it as brushing your teeth: a daily habit. Just leave your screens for real and in your thoughts for these precious minutes that fully belong to you. You are not missing anything! Explore what feels good for you and notice the transformation!  


"Lack of sleep can lead to serious mental and physical health problems, including obesity."


Is 5 hours of sleep per night enough?

It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to serious mental and physical health problems, including obesity. Sleep rests and recovers our mind and body and is absolutely essential for overall wellness.

Decent amount of sleep is considered to be 7 to 9 hours for adults. According to research, we tend to make better decisions including on nutrition when we have had enough sleep. We are generally happier when well rested.


So how to get enough sleep? Simply make it your priority! Try going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. That will create a routine for your body and it starts to come naturally. Start winding down a few hours before your desired sleep time. Have a go-to-bed routine. Get a real alarm clock and keep your phone away from the bedside. Read a book or write a journal before bed instead of scrolling. Blue light is considered not to be helping with preparing you for a high-quality sleep. Just prioritize your sleep. It really leads to a healthier and better life. Totally worth it!

Do I get all my vitamins and minerals from food?

Not feeling good in your body can impact your moods, level of happiness and level of stress. And stress is known to have an impact on your immunity.

"Digestion can take 5 to 15% of energy from your body’s daily expenditure".


The reason for feeling heavy and unpleasant can be related to nutrition and digestion. According to some studies, the process of digestion takes 5 to 15% of energy from your body’s daily expenditure. And of course what, how much and how often we eat can significantly lower the burden to our bodies and leave energy for other purposes. A good way to address this concern is to have a balanced diet that corresponds to the needs of your body. Easier said than done, but sure worth trying! We should not treat food as a means of stress relief or just something we stuff ourselves with to beat hunger and munchies. Take time to enjoy your food and focus on the process of eating! Stop when you feel that you are full rather than making it your goal to finish the dish you've been served.

In addition to the diet, lack of vitamins and minerals can also impact digestion and our overall well-being. Although a balanced diet should provide us with enough vitamins and minerals, it is known that deficiencies of specific vitamins like Vitamin D and some B vitamins can be quite common in the US. Explore your options for a daily multivitamin supplement!

In short, start by simple things: morning me-time, proper sleep, and a balanced diet!


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