Sleep In a Strip™ (Pack of 30)

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 👅 Dissolves on your tongue

💤 Packed with Melatonin, Valerian Root Extract, Vitamin B6

💆 Blissful natural lemongrass-basil flavor

🌱 Drug-free, all-natural ingredients

🌎 Recyclable and sustainable packaging

✔️ US FDA Compliant   ✔️ WHO-GMP certified

Welcome to the revolution in nutrition technology.

Using our patented In a Strip™ tech, we layer the ideal dose of Melatonin, Valerian Root and Vitamin B6 onto stamp-sized strips that melt on your tongue and help you get sleepy ASAP.

Why In a Strip™

👋 Say goodbye to habit-forming pills and sugar-filled gummies.

😴 Get sleepy ASAP and recharge your mind and body with a full night's sleep.

The Tesla of Sleep aids

Our patented In a Strip™ technology allows us to pack each paper-thin, stamp-sized NuStrip with the same amount of active nutrients as in 2-3 pills or gummies.

→ 5x Faster: Buccal absorption (via the tongue) is known to be upto 5x faster than drinking or swallowing.

→ 10x Efficient: 30 doses of NuStrips consume 1/10th the size of comparable sleep supplements.

→ 100% Clean: NuStrips contain only vegan, non habit-forming ingredients with 100% natural flavors and zero added sugar. 

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Each Strip Packed With

Melatonin | 5mg

Relax Your Mind and Body

Naturally produced by your body in the pineal gland, Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps your circadian rhythms function properly.†

Valerian Root | 25mg

Wake Up Fresh

Valerian Root Extract, commonly referred to as "nature's valium" is known to promote relaxation and helping get your body and mind ready for sleep.†

Vitamin B6 | 5mg

Better Mood and Reduced Stress

Vitamin B6 is known to play a key role in regulating and producing neurotransmitters that regulate emotions and other body functions associated with wellbeing.†


"Knocked me out in 15 mins flat."

Son H | TX

Verified Review

"Fell asleep in 8 minutes and slept like a baby"

Amanda M | TX

Verified Review

"These work really well for me. Better than just taking a melatonin supplement."

Samira K | NY

Verified Review

"Works better than my sleep gummies."

Karine S | CA

Verified Review

"I wasn't sure about this strip concept but the product works super well."

Walt D | MA

Verified Review

"I have been having trouble sleeping for awhile now but these strips help a lot."

Mona C | KY

Verified Review

Certifiably Safe

NuStrips products undergo three rounds of testing to ensure product integrity and quality, including one round by an independent third-party.

Taste your lullaby 💤

Getting the sleep you want and need can be difficult. Lots of screen time, stress and travel can make it difficult to switch off our minds and bodies.

Not any more.

Sleep In a Strip™ is designed for the active modern lifestyle - it's fast, efficient and moves with you wherever you go.

So stop tossing and turning. Get sleepy ASAP.