Energy In a Strip™ (Pack of 30)

★★★★★ Rated 4.9 Stars (113 reviews)

👅 Dissolves on your tongue

Packed with Caffeine, L-Theanine, Vitamin B12

❄️ Energizing natural mint flavor

🌱 Clean ingredients, zero added sugar

🌎 Recyclable and sustainable packaging

✔️ US FDA Compliant   ✔️ WHO-GMP certified

Welcome to the revolution in nutrition technology.

Using our patented In a Strip™ tech, we layer a precise dose of Caffeine with L-Theanine & Vitamin B12 onto each stamp-sized strip to give you all the energy you need, in just minutes.

Why In a Strip™

👋 Say goodbye to $4 coffees and unhealthy energy drinks.

Get a fast and clean energy boost for less than a dollar.

The Tesla of Energy shots

Our patented In a Strip™ technology allows us to pack each paper-thin, stamp-sized NuStrip with the same amount of active nutrients as in 2-3 pills or an entire energy drink. 

→ 5x Faster: Buccal absorption (via the tongue) is known to be upto 5x faster than drinking or swallowing.

→ 10x Efficient: 30 doses of NuStrips consume 1/10th the size of comparable vitamin and energy products.

→ 100% Clean: NuStrips contain only 100% natural flavors, non-GMO ingredients and zero added sugar. 

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Each Strip Packed With


Natural Caffeine 50mg

Studies have shown that caffeine can give you a physical energy boost as well as increase mental focus and alertness.†

Caffeine powered by our In a Strip™ technology takes things to a whole new level.

Speed & Accuracy

Vegan Vitamin B12 6mcg

Vitamin B12, generally found in meat and eggs, is known to improve your mood by promoting serotonin production and to enhance your memory.†

Supercharge your brain.

Calm Focus

Natural L-Theanine 30mg

L-Theanine extracted from green and black tea has been shown to reduce mental fatigue while amplifying alpha brain waves.†

Enjoy the feeling of calm alertness, without the jitters.

All energy, no jitters

More caffeine than your usual espresso.

Science backed ingredients to keep you focused.

Zero added sugar. 

A refreshing natural mint flavor.


"I wasn't sure about the strip idea but holy sh*t these are incredible."

David H | NV

Verified Review

"Started to feel it in just 10-15 minutes. Nice kick of energy, no sugar or junk."

Vera D | TX

Verified Review

"So portable and easy to use. I carry my NuStrips box in my bag everywhere."

Kelly A | TX

Verified Review

"It had a stronger, more immediate effect than Redbull for me."

Aayush P | CA

Verified Review

"Taste great, convenient and have a nice burst of energy!"

Paul H | KY

Verified Review

"These are a great alternative to coffee in the afternoon."

Phil S | MO

Verified Review

Certifiably Safe

NuStrips products undergo three rounds of testing to ensure product integrity and quality, including one round by an independent third-party.

Live your best life with NuStrips

Energy In a Strip™ is designed for the active modern lifestyle.

Whether you're battling a mid-afternoon slump or trying to power through a late night assignment, we have your back.

Our powerful little packs are so portable they move with you - whether in your bag, pocket or wallet.

Oh and did we mention every bit of our packaging is 100% sustainable and recyclable?

All this at less than a dollar per boost!