Say goodbye to pills and gummies!

Here are 5 amazing reasons why you'll love Sleep In a Strip™!

1. They're super effective

Pills and gummies tend to just sit in your tummy.

Thanks to our patented technology, each tiny strip is more powerful and absorbed fully and quickly by your body. And they're super easy too!

2. They're 100% vegan and drug-free

Each strip is packed with Melatonin, Valerian Root and Vegan Vitamin B6 to help relax your mind and body. They're 100% vegan, natural, non-habit forming and come in a delicious Lemongrass-Basil flavor with zero added sugar.

US FDA registered WHO-GMP compliant

3. They get to work in seconds

Our sleep strips are designed to dissolve on your tongue in less than 20 seconds, to help you fall asleep ASAP. In a recent survey, more than 80% customers reported falling asleep in less than 10 minutes!

4. You'll wake up feeling fresh

Our certified blend of natural ingredients is not just designed for fast and deep sleep. You'll wake up recharged and fresh - without the morning grogginess.

5. You'll finally get 8 hours of sleep every night

Getting the sleep you need and deserve has never been easier!

Don't let your late night Instagram session ruin your sleep cycle.

Drop a strip on your tongue, let it dissolve, and drift off to dreamland!

Try risk-free with a one-time purchase!

★★★★★ Over 1,000+ 5-star reviews

Verified customer reviews:

"Best sleep aid I’ve ever had. One little strip, and fall asleep right away , thru the entire night. Thank you." - Rosemary T

"I have suffered from chronic insomnia for over five years taking the highest form of ambien which stopped working I was able to stop ambien and your product worked from day one I now have 15 people using your product with insomnia and all have raved about the results." - Rhodes M

"So far so good! This is the only sleep aid product that has ever worked for me. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night I quickly fall back asleep. I may have to go back to setting an alarm to wake up in the morning." - Marina O

"All natural and drug-free. A fine combination!" - Robert J

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All NuStrips products are certified compliant with US FDA, WHO-GMP and Health Canada safety standards.

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