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Supercharge your life.

Meet NuStrips — insanely effective micronutrition strips that melt on your tongue.

FEEL it melt on your tongue.

Energy In a Strip

The leanest, cleanest shot of energy. Whenever, wherever.

Sleep In a Strip

Recharge to 100%. And we don't mean just your phone.

Upgrade your vitamins.

Say goodbye to pills and gummies.

Why NuStrips?

What is "In a Strip"?

Our patented In a Strip™ technology allows us to pack each stamp-sized NuStrip with the same amount of active nutrients as in 2-3 standard pills/gummies or an entire energy drink.

→ 5x Faster: Buccal absorption (via the tongue) is known to be upto 5x faster than drinking or swallowing.

→ 10x Efficient: 30 doses of NuStrips consume 1/10th the size of comparable vitamin and energy products.

→ 100% Clean: NuStrips contain only 100% natural flavors, non-GMO ingredients and zero added sugar.

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Verified Reviews


"Just one strip keeps me awake my entire night shift!"

Jacob R (NY) | Energy In a Strip


"They taste way better than gummies and just melt away. Yummy!"

Kimberly T (AZ) | Multi In a Strip


"Fell asleep in 8 minutes and slept like a baby."

Amanda M (TX) | Sleep In a Strip


"Saw the biggest change in my skin and nails. Takes a couple weeks to take effect but once it does, so worth it."

Kerry G (NY) | Beauty In a Strip


"A convenient alternative to my vitamin D and zinc tablets. Very easy to consume."

Jessica L (TX) | Immunity In a Strip


"Take one before my 6am workouts and feel wide awake without the jitters or nausea on an empty stomach!”

Jeremy S (TX) | Energy In a Strip

Upgrade your nutrition.

FIVE Packs of 30 NuStrips each.

Energy In a Strip

💤 Sleep In a Strip

💄 Beauty In a Strip

🥬 Multi In a Strip

🛡️ Immunity In a Strip

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