The future of caffeine is here.

Here are 5 reasons why you'll LOVE these new Energy Strips:

1. It's the fastest energy boost on earth

"So glad I tried NuStrips! They lived up to their word and the hype around them. ★★★★★" - Kellie F (CA)

Peel open > Place on tongue > Feel energy in seconds

2. It keeps you energized and focused for hours

"Just one strip keeps me awake my entire night shift! ★★★★★" - Anna T (Registered Nurse, FL)

3. It's 100% natural, safe and jitter-free

"I stopped drinking coffee and energy drinks. This product is amazing. My mind is clear and I do not feel jittery at all. ★★★★★" - Jake M (Emergency Nurse, NY)

US FDA registered manufacturing

4. It's insanely portable

"Super convenient! Take one before my 6am workouts and feel wide awake without the jitters or nausea on an empty stomach! ★★★★★" - Kevin A (CA)

5. You'll stop destroying your stomach with 3 cups a day

"I love these!! I used to drink energy drinks every day it was costly and bad for me!! I take one of these and I have energy, everyone must try these! ★★★★★" - Kristy M (TX)

Verified customer reviews:

"It gives me that edge to get through the end of the day slump. I don't feel jittery, there is no crash, just a feeling of focus! It is exceptionally easy to take anywhere with you." - David A (MA)

"Amazing boost. I use one every day before my 7am workouts!" - Jeff S (OH)

"The best part is you DO NOT get jitters or feel like you “took something for energy”! You just HAVE ENERGY to do whatever you need to do!" - Carnel L (TX)

"I love that I can get energy without the sugar and calories. Easy to-go packs to travel with " - Julie N (NH)

"Amazing boost. I use one every day before my 7am workouts!" - Jeff S (OH)

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Ready to stop feeling lazy?

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