5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Coffee and Energy Drinks w/ NuStrips

1. They are the fastest way for you to get instant energy

NuStrip patented strip technology is the fastest way for your body to absorb their scientifically proven ingredients.

Studies have shown the following with strips:

  • 5x faster absorption than a cup of coffee
  • 10x more packed with active ingredients compared to a cup of coffee
  • No jitters due to smoothing of ingestion

2. Powered with all natural ingredients scientifically proven to work

Studies show that a combination of Caffeine, L-Theanine and Vitamin B12 helps to boost memory, focus and attention - and prevents you from feeling jittery and shaky. That's why each little energy strip is infused with:

✅ Vegan Vitamin B12 from spirulina
✅ Natural L-Theanine from green tea
✅ 50mg caffeine, comparable to an espresso shot

All of Nustrips products are non-GMO, allergen-free, sugar free, gluten-free and adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards

In addition, NuStrips products are:
✓ US FDA registered
✓ WHO-GMP certified

3. These strips are able to go wherever you go!

Each strip is smaller than your tongue so you can bring them anywhere. Always have energy when you need it--you can leave strips at your desk, in your wallet, in your car, your travel bag, or your toiletries bag.

Even the 30-pack (2 1/8” height x 1 7/8" width x 1” depth) is designed to fit in your pocket so you can bring one or multiple packs with you anywhere!

4. Each pack is built with sustainability and community in mind

Each box is built with the environment in mind. NuStrips undergoes 3 rounds of testing to ensure integrity and quality -- including one round with an independent 3rd party.

  • Packaging and boxes are 1/5th of the carbon footprint of comparable products.
  • The company ships with packaging products that are 100% recyclable AND sustainable
  • Nustrips has pledged to donate 1% of its future profits as a business towards community development efforts, focused on addressing malnutrition to help those in need meet their foundational health requirements

5. Join the ever growing family with over 10,000+ happy customers!

Many folks are moving to NuStrips to replace their energy solutions. Energy in a strip has helped a variety of people change and improve their lives including:

  • Nurses on night shifts
  • Office workers avoiding the afternoon slump
  • Endurance athletes
  • People dieting to avoid coffee or sugar
  • Anyone who just needs another energy boost for the day!

NuStrips Customer Testimonials

"Just one strip keeps me awake my entire night shift!"  

Anna T (Registered Nurse, FL)

"I stopped drinking coffee and energy drinks. This product is amazing, everyone asks how I have so much energy. My mind is clear and I do not feel jittery at all. I highly recommend this product!"

Lori M (Emergency Nurse, NY)

"Amazing boost. I use one every day before my 7am workouts!"

Jeff S (OH)


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All NuStrips products are USFDA compliant, Health Canada and WHO-GMP certified.

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