Meet your new beauty hack.

A revolution in nutrition technology.

Here are 5 reasons why you'll LOVE Beauty In a Strip:

1. It's the easiest hair supplement on earth!

Each strip is packed with Biotin is known to promote hair growth and thickness. The strips also contain Vitamin E which is known for it's anti-oxidant properties and Folate is a crucial building block for hair, skin and nails.

Just 1 strip a day is all you need!

2. Dermatologists love them!

One of the hardest things about supplements is
finding the right ones. The next hardest is taking them everyday.

These convenient little strips guarantee faster results because of their superior absorption and higher bioavailability.

3. They have a delicious sweet strawberry taste, but ZERO added sugar!

Beauty was never about consuming unneccessary calories. Why did we let hair gummies change that? These strips are flavored using 100% natural strawberries and free of any added sugars.

No artificial colors. No fillers. No BS.

4. They're 100% vegan and plant-based.

The best part is that the ingredients are 100% vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, GMO-free and cruelty-free.

Oh, and the cute packaging is 100% recyclable too.

5. You'll see real results, real fast.

So much goodness in a tiny, stamp-sized strip. Oh, and if you're worried about effectiveness, don't be. You'll see results within 2-4 weeks, starting with your nails!

Because they're absored orally, they offer better absorption and faster results than any pill or gummies possibly could!

An easy everyday habit... In a Strip.


★★★★★ Over 1,000+ 5-star reviews.

Verified Reviews:

"Tastes like candy and made a real difference for my hair. Love this product!"

- Arionna S (Dallas, TX)

"Since I started using these my nails have been growing SO fast and my breakouts clear up faster, too."

- Kady D (Denver, CO)

"After taking the strips for a full 30 days, my nails are definitely the most improved. I don't have one pimple or breakout in sight, and for that I'm grateful."

- Taylor Augustin (

"I love this product! For many years, I've not taken vitamins because they upset my stomach. Beauty in a Strip does not! I have been using it for 3 months, and notice an improvement in my hair and my nails. I will be a lifetime customer! Thank you, NuStrips!"

- Tricia G (verified customer)

"Took these for 3 months and they really made a difference in my hair and nails. I ordered another 4 months" supply."

- Barbara M (verified customer)

"First of all they are easy to take. No need to worry about a pill just put the strip on your tongue and done. It has helped my nails grow and my hair was shedding like crazy. It has been so much less."

- Lilian M (verified customer)

"My hair seems to have stopped falling out since I started using this product! Nails are a little stronger too!"

- Mikki M (verified customer)

"Full of the nutrients that help you generate healthy hair and nails."

- Sophia Summer (

"Saw the biggest change in my hair and nails in just 4 weeks. So worth it!"

- Kerri G (San Francisco, CA)

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