Immunity In a Strip™ (1 Month Supply)

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👅 Dissolves on your tongue

☀️ Packed with Vitamin D, Zinc, Propolis and Echinacea Extract

🌱 100% natural flavors, GMO-free, no added sugar

🛡️ Give your immune system the support it needs

🌎 Recyclable and sustainable packaging

✔️ US FDA Compliant   ✔️ WHO-GMP certified


Keep your immune system humming along.

Give your immune system the support it needs everyday with a precise dose of Vegan Vitamin D3, Zinc, Propolis and Echinacea extract.

Each Strip Packed With

Zinc | 5mg

Immune Support

Zinc is an essential mineral that is known to play a key role in cellular metabolism and proper immune system function.†

Vegan Vitamin D3 | 10mcg

Strong Bones and Development

Vitamin D3 is known to be used in the body to encode DNA, promote calcium absorption and reduce inflammation.†

Propolis | 10mg

Anti-Microbial + Anti-Fungal

Propolis is a natural resinous substance produced by honey bees, known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-microbial effects on the body.†

Echinacea Extract | 30mg

Reduced Inflammation

Echinacea Extract is made from the Echinacea flower found in North America and known for its health supporting properties.†

Insanely easy immune support.

Created using our patented In a Strip™ technology

Science-backed ingredients. 

Zero added sugar.

Delicious natural Lemon-Honey flavor.

Why In a Strip™

🔂 Easy habit - just one strip a day.

🧬 Enhanced bioavalability and faster absorption means faster results for you.

👜 Whenever, wherever. Carry them in your bag!

A revolution in nutrition technology

Our patented In a Strip™ technology allows us to pack each stamp-sized NuStrip with the same amount of active nutrients as in 2-3 pills or gummies.

→ 5x Faster: Buccal absorption (via the tongue) is known to be upto 5x faster and leads to enhanced absorption

→ 10x Efficient: 30 doses of NuStrips consume 1/10th the size of comparable beauty supplements.

→ 100% Clean: NuStrips contain only vegan, non-GMO ingredients with 100% natural flavors and zero added sugar. 

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"A convenient alternative to my vitamin D and zinc tablets. Very easy to consume."

Victoria L | NY

Verified Review

"Love the taste and love that I feel good every morning when I take my strip."

Cassidy M | OH

Verified Review

"Great product and I love the convenience! This is a great solution for those that don't like swallowing pills like me. "

Nikki S | NY

Verified Review

"After the last year, I just feel good knowing I'm doing something to support my immunity."

Megan M | CA

Verified Review

"The Lemon-Honey flavor tastes really good!"

Tanya H | CA

Verified Review

Certifiably Safe

NuStrips products undergo three rounds of testing to ensure product integrity and quality, including one round by an independent third-party.

Super sustainable. Super easy. Super you.

14 billion pounds of plastic trash is dumped into our oceans each year.

At NuStrips, we're changing this - by bringing you supplements that work, feel and do better.

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Your new coat of armor.

NuStrips makes it insanely easy for you to achieve your wellness goals.

With just one Immunity in a Strip a day, you can seamlessly build a strong foundation and support your immune system with Vitamin D3, Zinc, Echinacea and Honey Bee Propolis! 

Portable and iconic, you’ll take your NuStrips along everywhere you go.

Join the Nu revolution.